Friday, January 04, 2013

Feelings Run Faster

Yanki Yazgan, M.D. is transforming daily worries and mundane dilemmas of life in Istanbul into a self exploration tool.  In Feelings Run Faster, Yazgan tells us ‘secrets’ borrowed from brain and behavior sciences about ever popular concepts such as happiness, love, memory and risk and uncertainty. But he does not stop there, and writes further about how our brain and mind works differentially when we desperately change lanes in traffic, fall in love,  move from one place to another or sip Turkish coffee. While he offers no miraculous prescription for change, the reading experience of Feelings Run Faster may yield a new perspective to understand yourself and the way you live.  The joy and surprise in the book also owe a lot to the illustrations and cartoons  by the author himself. This book certainly is one of Yanki Yazgan's best for the readers who are looking for an informed soul searching. 
About the author: Yanki Yazgan, M.D. (1959), is an eminent child and adolescent psychiatrist in Istanbul, Turkey. Besides being a scholar and physician, he speaks and writes on everyday applications of cognitive neuroscience findings and his clinical experience as a psychiatrist for public understanding of science. Yanki Yazgan is the author of over a dozen other popular books in Turkish on topics in psychology and neuroscience.

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